Yogi Mama Feeds Her One-year-old baby – Mac’n Cheese w/Kale & Tempeh

Part of being a “yogi” is definitely what we put into our bodies. Someone newer to yoga may think of yoga as an exercise and not see the correlation. However, as you understand yoga as a way oleelakalemackalemacf life, healthful living for body/mind/spirit, with a set of ethics and a way to live to your best self and highest potential, then food cannot be overlooked.

Our body houses our soul, and food impacts the health and wellness of this house. Our moods and attitudes are directly correlated to whether we are eating clean or brining in toxins and “dirty livin’.” Don’t get me wrong, I love a little dirt liven’ here and there, but I don’t forget my kale and blueberries to radiate and energize, turmeric and ginger to cleanse, or coconut waters to rehydrate.

So, if we care so much about our own bodies, shouldn’t we care even more about what to put in our children? And how important is organic?

Babies who ate organic were known to be in the top 10% of their class? Why? It affects their brain development.

At the age of one, it may be that we just want to get them to eat? Well, yes and no.  We want them to eat a lot, because how much they eat has a direct correlation on their sleep patterns.  And I don’t know about you, but I’m still working on full and long nights’ sleeps!

As far as what she eats, I have found myself in phases as Baby Leela’s tastes can change daily. One week she loves blueberries and the next week it is grapes.  It seems she’s always up cheddar bunnies and Annie’s crackers.  Luckily, I can usually rationalize that she is still getting what she needs from my breastmilk, but making the transition into feeding her organic well-balanced meals that she can easily chew has kept me creating.

I usually feed her pretty much what I’m eating, even if it’s sushi, and it’s awesome because she tries to use chop sticks! (I love that she gets this exposure).  But she eats more of the rice part.  Sometimes she doesn’t want what I’m eating or I’m eating too spicy, etc.

So, here it is, I’m concerned she gets too many carbs and not enough greens, veggies and protein.  Plus, being that I’m mainly a vegetarian, I’m not cooking meat for either of us.

I know there are a ton of recipes out there, but let’s face it, as busy moms (and if you are a mom, you are busy, it’s that simple!), you just don’t always have time and energy. So last night I opted to make her Mac ‘n Cheese. It was organic and Annie’s, but I still wasn’t feeling good about myself, as I worried about the high carb intake and lack of protein and greens. So, let me tell you what I did!

Mac ‘n Cheese w/tempeh & kale – for Mama and Bebe

Rub kale leaves with olive oil & Sautee kale leaves on high heat (I used a cast iron pan.)
Blend kale in a blender or baby food processor or any food processor
Sautee tempeh

Simply add tempeh and kale to each bowl of mac and cheese and give to baby. My baby couldn’t stop eating, whether I would spoon it to her or she’d grab it and feed herself.

And eat the rest yourself! I was shoving the handfuls of extra sautéed kale in my own mouth, and feeling great about the nutrients I was getting to myself and my baby…all of course while singing Sanskrit chants… That’s what Yogi-Mama’s do! I like to insert the baby’s name for fun! 🙂

So, this is just one little recipe, but more to come and hopefully just some inspiration to keep you creative on making healthful, not too painful meals for mamas and babies!