Lifestyle of a Modern Yogi Mama – Introduction

yoga-babyThe life of a yogi today is one of a rebellious nature. Doing the practice of the asana each day or carving time out for it is one thing that can make us unique. Eating healthy or eating vegetarian goes against the grain in a society that caters to fast-food restaurants, deep fried foods and quantities of meet in every meal. Then, let’s say you take it to the extent of regular juicing, eating veganism, and going out of your way for things like “raw” foods, tumeric, ginger, anything green, besides your practice of meditation and using words like pranayama, asana and caring about the environment…you become the “odd” one in the eyes of other.

Let’s take it one step further and say you are even living according to “your truth.” Others may not even know what this means, but they see you doing things like leaving your corporate job, traveling the world on yoga retreats, leaving relationships that don’t serve you, starting your own businesses…now you have entered “renegade” status! Of course this doesn’t have to be any of the above, but it does have to be living in a way the resides with your heart’s desires rather than the norms of your society and family.

On this path of the yogi, you can sometimes feel alone. That can be why showing up at your yoga studio feels so darn good. You are surrounded by others who live and believe the way you do, like-minded souls who care about themselves, others and our planet. We want to look good, we want to feel good and we want to spread all that’s good. It’s our mission to love life and help others to do the same.

Here, I hope you join me in this renegade community of yogis, where we can join together to be our best and let that be our example for others to live in harmony with their souls calling. I will share with you my adventures in eating, traveling, living with yogic ethics, staying true to me, and being a new mom amidst it all. Let me tell you, it feels nothing short of that…an adventure!

Thank you for sharing in my journey. My hope is simply to inspire you to live according to your own rules and empower yourself to let go of fear, let go of “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” and live a life you love! There will also be a space for you to share comments, questions and anything that happens as a result of this newfound empowerment!